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National Banking & Financial Services Network has Members (recruiters) covering most banking and financial services specialties and strategically located throughout the United States and Canada. You may choose to work with one of our members by selecting the specialty or the geographic area of your specific job needs.

If you are not sure who to contact please contact us at our corporate office and we will be happy to provide recommendations. Or you may choose a truly unique program National Banking & Financial Services Network's National Account Program. It was developed to respond to the needs of Banking & Financial Services Institutions for the new millenium. If your institution is anticipating hiring a number of "hard to find" professionals within a given time frame; your institution could benefit from our National Accounts Program.

The concept of our National Account Program is fairly straightforward. A Bank or Financial Services Institution partners with the National Banking & Financial Services Network to help recruit candidates. We combine our recruiting efforts to conduct an in-depth search that will consistently locate the strongest candidates in the country. We take the necessary time to learn about the "type" of person that best fits your corporate culture. National Banking & Financial Services Network gets a clear understanding of the professional requirements needed for finding candidates who can consistently meet and exceed your institution's expectations.

Some of the benefits to your institution from working with our National Account Program include:

  • One primary contact to coordinate your search efforts. You enjoy the benefits of working with over 40 offices nationwide yet retain the accountability and service of one primary contact person.
  • Your assurance that you're dealing with a true banking & financial services specialist who understands your needs and someone with a proven track record of results.
  • In addition to our traditional search tactics and procedures we conduct an aggressive cyber-search of the Internet as part of our initial & ongoing tactics for National Account clients.

    This program generates results faster and ensures a truly in-depth national search that consistently locates the strongest candidates in the country for your company.

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    If you are a professional recruiter in Accounting, Tax, Audit, Finance, Banking or other areas of Financial Services with a verifiable track record and you would like to know about the membership benefits of our network please visit Resources for Recruiters or Email us for more information!