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NBN, Inc. was started in 1986 for the purpose of working together on a cooperative basis, to pool resources and consolidate strengths in order to improve our ability to better serve our clients and candidates in the Accounting, Audit, Tax, Banking, Mortgage, Credit Card and Financial Services Industries.

We are interested in adding a few new members, on a selective basis, who will create additional synergism for our group. Our goal is not to create redundant competition for our present members, but rather to seek out new members who can continue to strengthen our group through either their accounting, audit, tax, banking, mortgage, credit card & financial services expertise or geographic markets.

If you are a professional accounting, audit, tax, banking, mortgage, credit card or financial services recruiter with a verifiable track record and would be interested in joining please visit the links below for further information regarding membership.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us!

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