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Employment in USA

According to statistics, U.S. employment is highest in management.

Twenty percent of all Americans work in engineering, as well as mining and manufacturing, and 18 percent work in agriculture.

Economically Active Population

The economy in general and the labor market in particular remain fairly stable and at a high level.

Strategically strong areas of the economy include:

  • Production of own goods;
  • development of technologies.

Agriculture is a very developed economic sphere: over 2.5 million private farms operate in the country.

State co-financing of this sector, introduction of new means and methods of cultivation of fields, purchase of modern machinery – all this allows to achieve high efficiency in the agricultural sector.

Employment in the United States

U.S. industry is represented by the following activities:

  • Manufacturing, which provides high-paying positions in top management, accounting
  • construction;
  • gas, oil, and energy.

The labor market provides highly paid positions in the areas of social orientation:

  • in medicine – for surgeons, psychiatrists, dentists, anesthesiologists;
  • Pharmaceutics and pharmacology;
  • Education – for the teaching staff.

Employees in the market of the following services have high salaries:

  • legal, among law enforcement officials, judges;
  • Public service;
  • Publishing, media;
  • In the sphere of brokerage or financial services.

The field of science gives the opportunity to have high-paying jobs in positions related to:

  • with programming, creating operating systems (OS);
  • military, space technology.

Each state has:

  • its own production facilities;
  • its own production specialization.

America’s employment structure is a hierarchical system in which, as in any other country, waiters, longshoremen, janitors, and people working in similar unskilled positions earn low wages.

They are usually immigrant citizens who speak little English and do not have a diploma from the American educational system.

Labor market characteristics

Wages in the U.S. are calculated based on the number of hours worked.

The U.S. wage system is based on two metrics:

  • per hour worked;
  • and per year.

Wages are paid by checks, which can be cashed at any bank.

Wages in the United States often consist of:

  • salary;
  • overtime;
  • bonuses;
  • tips.

Wages are generally paid:

  • every week;
  • every two weeks.

American university students can only count on a reduced version of their salary.

Working conditions for teenagers in the United States are as follows:

  • You can get a job for the first time at the age of 16.
  • Part-time employment is available if employment is combined with studies.
  • Seasonal work is often available.
  • Age makes a difference.

Earn less:

  • Employees under the age of 25;
  • and over 65.

There is tacit discrimination by skin color. African Americans and Hispanics earn less than white Americans.

The minimum wage is set at $9.2 per hour. This value has not changed since 2009.

Poverty is defined as Americans earning less than $40,000 a year.

The law requires employers to provide free meals and even housing to low-income employees of their company.

Tax Assessments

Every American or immigrant is required to pay taxes in the United States. They can range from 20% to 40%.

The minimum wage is subject to special low-income tax rates.


The unemployment rate in 2020 in the U.S. remains low at official levels. But there is a problem called hidden unemployment.

Hidden unemployment is a situation in which:

  • An American works only half the day.

Accordingly, pay is reduced by deducting the missing hours from a citizen’s schedule.

In 2019, the unemployment mark was 3.6% of the total American population. This group includes those categories of people who are willing but unable to find work.

Americans living on unemployment and food stamps are not counted by the statistics.

In April 2020, the unemployment rate in the United States reached a record high of 14.7%. This situation arose because of the quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. By the end of the year, the unemployment rate had dropped below 10%.

Many people lost their jobs, but the government actively supports American citizens.

Government Assistance to the Unemployed

Employment in the U.S. is regulated by the execution of state programs by local governments. These are labor market reforms and unemployment benefits.

The unemployment benefit in the USA is 47% of the salary from the last place of work. But it is only paid for six months.

In 2020 the average unemployment benefit is about 1050 USD. In addition, the procedure for obtaining unemployment status has been greatly simplified. Such measures were introduced due to the spread of the coronavirus.